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Burdock extract in Scalp Serum regulates sebaceous glands activity and has a normalizing and soothing effect on the scalp. The phytosterols and essential fatty acids rich Burdock extract are beneficial to improve hair strength, shine and scalp health. It is vital in supporting the normal function of sebaceous glands and scalp cells.




  • Promote Hair Growth

Activates hair follicles, enhance the regeneration for new hair cells.


  • Balance Sebaceous Gland & Prevent Sensitive Scalp

Cleans off excess sebum, control sebum secretion .it boost up scalp immunity, prevent scalp sensitivity.


  • Revitalize Scalp

Activates the dermis layer, nourishes& revitalized the ageing scalp cells.

Scalp Serum HS1002

SKU: 03CP009